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ArtLiars Advisory, LLC unveils Per Stroke Value and predictive data for the artist


What: ArtLiars Advisory, LLC. unveil Per Stroke Value and Predictive Data for the Artist
Where: The Cell / 338 West 23rd Street (btw 8th and 9th ave)
When: Thursday, April 5th, 8PM

On April 5th the ArtLiars Advisory, LLC- a strategic marketing firm, will present a thesis titled “Drawing and the Socio Economics of Line.” The talk will be given by Sebastian Pringle (CTO), and introduced by founding partner Nic Rad (MFA). 

Utilizing data analysis previously developed to model complex financial products, the firm has developed a method to calculate a Per Stroke Value (PSV) for contemporary and classical works on paper. The metric is useful for investment, education, as well as ethnographic research and modeling.

In developing the PSV technology, The Advisory has worked with recognition software initially developed at MIT optical research labs and previously used in classified applications. Pringle’s research and affiliation with MIT allowed a broader use of the technology in partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Louvre, The Hermitage, MoMA, Centre Pompidu, The Tate, and over 2,000 other academic archives to index a quantitative value for more than 3 billion works on paper.

PSV was then mapped against behavioral data culled from social networks and census data to produce a predictive model, interpreted by analysts for individual clients. With this data set the Advisory has made a variety of controversial projections and predictions.

In what the UK Telegraph has called their ‘most audacious, but data supported initiative,’ The Advisory has used PSV to, “predict net worth, gender, age, race, occupation, educational background and other shocking social, emotional, cultural, habitual and behavioral data based on the analysis of simple drawing and writing exercises.”

Pringle and Rad will discuss methodology as well as demonstrate the proprietary technology for those in attendance. The talk will last approximately 35 minutes and will be followed by a short question and answer. 

Press queries should be directed to

April 5th
The Cell Theatre, 338 West 23rd Street
Come see the ArtLiars present their exhaustive research on the technical narrative and draftsmanship as an exciting investment opportunity with growth potential. 
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